10 Ways Successful People Deal With Negative Personalities

10 Ways Successful People Deal With Negative Personalities

Successful people understand how to deal with difficult, nausea-inducing types who don’t know understand how to coexist happily with others.

Here’s just a few ways they do it better than the rest:

1. They don’t get sucked into people’s drama

Successful people distance themselves appropriately from excuse makers, winers and downright objectionable personality types. They understand where that fine line is and how easily it can be crossed. They can show empathy without the need to offer help or guidance that will soon backfire on them.

2. They understand most people can’t / won’t change

Successful types know that the majority of people are just who they are and that expecting or downright demanding change is a waste of time. They know the expectation fo change is too draining and usually a waste of time in the professional world. Sure, people do change, but it usually takes something really bad to make that change happen. They may suggest feedback in a constructive and non-confrontational way, but they never push it on others.

3. They covet their emotional energy and time

They choose their battles wisely. Saving crucial energy and time so they can fight another day, and have as much left in the tank as they can should they find themselves backed into a back alley with no exit points.

4. They master their own destiny

They value other’s feedback, but aren’t paralyzed by it or driven to anxiety. Successful people know who they are and value their own capabilities, to the point where other people’s emotions and opinions don’t affect their peace of mind.

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5. They forgive (sort of)

Successful people don’t dwell on the wrongdoings of others. They certainly don’t forget either, but rather, understand that steeping themselves in the tea of betrayal will only increase their thirst for revenge even more — stopping them from moving forward and achieving bigger and better things in the future.

6. They surround themselves with supportive people

Their family, friends, coworkers, business contacts. Every successful person who has ever lived understands that they’re the sum average of the people they spend the most time with. They seek out helping, supportive, like-minded folks with similar goals in life to their own.

7. They take it easy when the time is right

Successful people are known for burning the midnight oil more than most. However, most successful types are very regimented in many aspects of their life, including rest. They’re often up early, but not until they’ve given their mind and body at least five hours of uninterrupted rest and relaxation. They also find time throughout the day to give their mental cobwebs a good sweeping!

8. They don’t focus on problems

Toxic types are notorious for never seeing the forest beyond the trees, which is usually the main factor behind their toxic personality in the first place. Successful people almost always focus on finding the solution and are great at quickly giving their head a shake when they find themselves going down the dark road of unsolvable problems too.

9. They don’t allow themselves to be a “victim”

Nobody, not even negative people, like to listen to others whine about their “poor me” story over and over again. Successful people got to where they are by recognizing that they’re ultimately responsible for everything that happens in their life. Even if they don’t create circumstances, they’re in control of how they react to those situations. Knowing that it’s all up to them makes it easy to constantly adjust and learn to be proactive in the future so they don’t fall prey to anyone, including themselves.

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10. They’ve learned not to judge

It’s easy to judge, we’ve all heard it before and it’s very true. It’s so much harder to accept than it is to cast stones at the people who aren’t inline with our rules and opinions. Successful folks understand that this is a dead end to nowhere that can quickly become as self-destructive as it is harmful to others. Instead, they focus on mastering compassion, kindness, understanding and the other skills mentioned already.

Have any tips of your own for dealing with overly toxic, negative personality types?

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