Has Your IQ Gone Down for no Apparent Reason? It’s Probably Toxic Mold Eating Your Brain!

Has Your IQ Gone Down for no Apparent Reason? It’s Probably Toxic Mold Eating Your Brain!

I just had to share this with everyone and anyone.

Toxic mold is all around us. It can drop your IQ by at least 15 points (if you’re lucky) and actually hides in your brain, eating away at it and eventually causing wide-spread nervous system malfunction.

Brain function is important to everyone, not just the entrepreneurial-minded types that find their way here to BizEpic every day. While 15 points may not seem like a big deal to someone born with a healthy 130 IQ points or higher, it’s enough to take away that edge you need when closing a big sale or the foresight you need whenever trouble finds it’s way through your door (and it always does!)

One of the worst things you’ll discover if you choose to watch the free viewing of Dave Asprey’s new documentary “Moldy” is that while mold has always existed in the air we breathe; humankind has actually worsened the problem to highly toxic, health-hindering levels since 1970, when air-conditioning became highly mainstream, and most all our walls and ceilings used moisture-retaining drywall which is labeled by experts as the “perfect mold food”.

Worse, to combat the problem, mold killing agents started to be used in paint around this time, causing a genetic mutation in the surviving mold which has made it even more disruptive and dangerous to the human immune system!

I’m always looking for an extra mental edge and happen to live in an older home with a leaky basement. Yikes! About a year after I became a freelancer, spending many hours at the very desk I sit now, I developed autoimmune thyroid disease and “prediabetes” (which I’ve been fortunate enough to get control of with a strict diet). The autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s) is something that’s been heavily linked not just to dietary and lifestyle factors, but to environmental toxins; two of the most common are fluoridation of public drinking water — and, you guessed it — MOLD!

Everyone, needs to watch Dave’s movie. You likely have mold eating away at your brain and body right now and don’t even know it. Please don’t think this phenomenon exists just in old homes, building and barns. As you’ll see when you watch the video, quite a few of the participants live in really nice, modern homes.

Mike Holmes is our resident general contracting expert here in Canada, and many of you who don’t live here will have heard of him too. He’s had a few successful television series documenting problems with houses new and old, and how to fix them. If you’ve ever watched his shows, you’ll most certainly know that mold is a huge problem in many new homes, particularly the built-in-a-month subdivision townhouses cropping up everywhere. So many corners are cut in these production line houses, to get them up fast while saving money on expenses and getting the homes sold quickly.

So often, problems like leaky roofs, poorly sealed door jams and window moldings, and leaking HVAC systems don’t crop up until the warranty is up either.

Anyhow, check out the trailer below. If you have an hour to learn something that’s crucial to the health of your brain and body, and keeping your cognitive ability in peak state, click the link below the video to view the entire documentary for free on Vimeo. You have to sign up to the Bulletproof Executive mailing list to watch it, but you can always give a junk account or unsubscribe afterward obviously (not that I’m recommending it, Dave offers lots of great info on his blog).

The movie is only free for a short time (I think until mid-June) so don’t miss out!

Here’s the link to the movie. It’ll permanently change your thinking about just how dangerous this stuff is: https://moldymovie.com

Share this with everyone you know. This is an epidemic that won’t be fixed until everyone’s aware and has their home/office tested and repaired if necessary.

Main image by David Goehring

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