10 Anxiety Busting Tips for Modern Folks

10 Anxiety Busting Tips for Modern Folks

1. Get the right amount of sleep:

7 hours presents a happy medium between too little and too much. Going lower and higher has a big impact on increasing stress hormones, leaving you more stressed and in a constant state of anxiety.

2. Smile:

When you’re fighting the unhappy symptoms brought on by anxiety, the hardest thing in the world to do is smile. Don’t wallow in self-pity and sadness — watch a funny movie or some YouTube flicks and get out that funk.

By Vladimir Pustovit
By Vladimir Pustovit

3. De-clutter your space:

A messy desk or work environment can make it seem like you have an endless amount of work to get through. Clean up, get organized and enjoy a little less anxiety-invoking stress!

4. Express gratitude:

When anxiety hits, pick up a journal or open up your word processor and write a minimum of 3 things that you’re grateful for. When someone does something nice for you, tell them how much you appreciate their kindness.

5. Eat right:

Sugar causes stress in the body via insulin peaks and lows. All non-fiber carbs are nothing more than sugar. This includes all breads, fruit, starchy veggies and, well… almost everything most people consider healthy. Opt for natural fatty foods like avocados and nuts which have very little sugar, and lots of green leafy vegetables, eggs and lean cuts of meat of all varieties. Supplements help too – Kratom was great for my anxiety. Whenever I have a bad panic attack – I take some extract and feel a lot better minutes later.

By Antara Sarkar
By Antara Sarkar

6. Learn to breathe:

Shallow and/or fast breathing limits oxygen uptake into the blood and also prevents you from expelling carbon dioxide. Both of these factors are bad for concentration and also happen to be a good panic attack trigger. Breathe deeply around 12 times per minute, breathing in for 2 – 3 seconds and out for the same.

7. Meditate:

Meditation is a very effective way to both prevent anxiety attacks and to stabilize the brain when they begin. it can take some practise to get right, but once you learn how to completely “blank” your brain, anxiety symptoms won’t stand a chance!

8. Plan your happy future:

Setting positive goals for your future can halt the anxiety you feel about your current life and eliminate the scary thoughts about the unknowns that lie ahead. Don’t be pessimistic! Then write your plans down and keep dreaming until you feel inspired.

9. Interact with creatures big or small:

Including friends, family, dogs, cats — whatever and whomever you prefer to spend time with. Anxiety thrives in the minds of lonely people!

10. Be silent:

“Silence is golden.” Sometimes you need to disconnect from the boss, coworkers, friends and family. Try to give yourself a de-stressing breather from everyone for 180 minutes every week.

By Manuel Lao
By Manuel Lao

Main image by K. Latham

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