5 Gifts for the Wellness Fanatic in Your Life

5 Gifts for the Wellness Fanatic in Your Life

This list is for your friend who’s all about meditation, yoga, and self-care. They’re always offering their best self to the universe and engaging in different wellness practices to evolve said self. Since holistic wellness is so broad, there’s no shortage of thoughtful offerings out there show appreciation to the wellness-obsessed person in your life.

Amidst the isolation brought on by the pandemic resulting from COVID-19, this list includes somethings to help adapt to life as we know it. To help you spread the love, here five gifts for the wellness fanatic in your life.

How about a little bud for a bud?

Check out Plain Jane. Plain Jane is proud to source their CBD cigarettes from high-quality organic hemp. Plain Jane’s CBD hemp flowers make their smokable hemp some of the best on the market, while still offering an excellent taste and smoking experience. They’ve got a variety of products, including CBD flower, CBG flower, CBD cigarettes, and CBD pre rolled joints for sale. Their products contain all of the stuff wellness-heads love about relaxation minus the nicotine. If your friend doesn’t smoke, that’s fine, they’ve got great topicals and oils as well and all at great prices.

Wellness App Membership

Gaia is a wellness app and website that hosts one-on-one video meditations, yoga instruction, and films and documentaries to engage the mind and spirit of your wellness enthusiast. You can’t actually gift a gift membership from the app, but you can share it with your pal and gift them an app store gift card.

Wellness products

Don’t buy flowers, buy rose oil.

Does your wellness-adoring friend work in the beauty industry? Buy rose oil for them. Rose oil is an essential oil that, when applied directly to the skin, it hydrates, clears acne, reduce signs of aging, minimizes the appearance of scars, and helps with conditions such as eczema and rosacea. Rose oil is therapeutic and known for being beautifully aromatic. An excellent way for your friend to wake up and smell the roses. Rose oil is also an excellent buy for that enthusiast who works in wellness, beauty, or massage. Available in bulk, their customers will love this essential oil.

Mindfulness - you're not lost

Mindfulness Cards

Mindfulness cards are colorful cards that contain brief mindfulness exercises that help bring anyone back to the center of focus. These cards are a great gift idea for that friend on the front lines right now. If your partner, friend, or family member is an essential employee, mindfulness cards are a great way to show you care and remind them to care for themselves as well. You can find a deck online starting at $15.

Purple Royal Seat Cushion

The Purple Royal Seat Cushion is for the tech-neck who spends the bulk of the day sitting as they work from home. This soft and spongy gel cushion from the makers of the Purple Mattress is a blessing. The cushion rest on an office chair to make it more comfortable. Its ergonomic support will help with back, hip, and neck pain or strain.

Like we said, holistic wellness is a big field. If you’re thinking about your friend and these items, don’t suit them. There are others. Perhaps she or he is already into yoga, or maybe even an instructor. Great. Get them a new mat or yoga blocks for their class. If you’re still completely lost, try just checking in and asking them directly. Hey, is there anything I can’t get you from your wellness wishlist?

Thoughtful people always appreciate the thought. Tell them your price range and that you insist on getting them something on account of what they mean to you or whatever the occasion. In these times of such high isolation, the feeling of being thought of is a gift in itself. Give that gift and more to help your tribe beat the woeful times of Corona. And remember, the good times can come pre-rolled. Namaste.

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