Is a Sharing Economy Possible?

Is a Sharing Economy Possible?

I’d sure like to think so, but I personally believe that corporate greed would make this concept a near impossibility in a large scale sense, even though several small businesses have adopted this marketing approach to their companies:


It’s pretty obvious that certain segments of the sharing economy will continue to succeed. Services like Airbnb and BlaBla Car are great resources, but their appeal lies in the fact that both sides get an equal value proposition in money making and cost savings over commercialized accommodations and transportation services.

How could this idea possibly work with appliances? Food? Clothing? I supposed car leasing could be considered part of the sharing economy, but the manufacturer is really the one banking from that deal, not the consumer who has to pay out the butt every month for a car, then pay another hefty chunk at the end of the lease should they want to keep the car.

Ah, a circular “sharing” economy. What a novel idea, that’ll just never plain work within the big picture.

Here’s a great article supporting my side of things:

Share your thoughts. Yay or nay?



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