What Fatherhood can Teach you About Entrepreneurship – and Life

What Fatherhood can Teach you About Entrepreneurship – and Life

Fatherhood can teach you about entrepreneurship and life. A lot. Just ask Gary Vaynerchuk.

If you have heard about him, read his article or watch his keynotes, we can learn that Gary Vaynerchuk is a true hustler. It’s easy to say that he’s full of himself, brash, and so on – but I tell you this one reason why I consider GV as one of my mentors: His love for his family.

If you are not following GV closely enough, you won’t know that this guy is very unique. He looks so pumped all the time, but when you ask him about his family – mom, dad, bro, wife and kids – you’ll quickly learn that he loves them a lot, and his respect for family relationship has given him humility – something that many entrepreneurs – especially at his caliber – don’t have.

Here’s what GV think about fatherhood:

…and here’s how he roll in his family business:

Family business tips from Gary Vaynerchuk

Lesson learned

In my opinion, the passion for nurturing your business and employees is what fatherhood can teach you about entrepreneurship – about running a multi-million dollar business. When you nurture your HR, you don’t hire and then quickly fire: You grow them and find a way to get things to work for both of your business and your employees. When you nurture your business, you don’t give up on it – you should keep on hustling and find a way to get it to stand on both feet.

Sure, there are bad fathers out there in the world who are successful, but greatness is not about how success you are – greatness is about how you grow your people along with your business, not using them to grow your business. Got it?Gary Vaynerchuk quote on fatherhood

GV is doing it in his own way, and you should do it in your way, too!

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