Where Your Focus Goes Energy Flows

Where Your Focus Goes Energy Flows

This video contains short clips about ladder-climbing success and insights from some of the most influential people of our time.

Though neither are necessarily business leaders, Jim Carrey and Tyler Perry’s stories always get to me. Both are so rich, it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine they spend a lot of time these days inking deals and running multiple side businesses, in addition to their acting careers. Each applied all their focus to one seemingly unbelievable goal and success came just when they needed it to as a result.

Perhaps my favorite quote in the video was: “If you’re 30 years old you only have 21,000 days left to live.” Really puts a finality on one’s success ambitions when there’s a set number in place. If we could be so lucky as to have a guaranteed lifespan….

Then Jayz: “The genius thing we did is we didn’t give up.” — short and sweet…

So many other great stories displayed in this vid, share your favorite and tell us why that specific leader inspires you so much.

(How about The Donald and that hair? I mean, after so many years as a millionaire, you’d think the man would get a better barber, am I right?)


Main Image: “Should, Would, Could, Did” by Jennifer

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