What You Need to Land a Job in Human Resources

What You Need to Land a Job in Human Resources

There is a wealth of job opportunities in the Human Resources industry but many of these roles require a certain amount of experience and specialisation. Naturally, this means that most companies are looking for individuals who possess the specialised skills to function well across the many roles inside their HR department. It is important for individuals who are looking for an opportunity in HR to take the time to prepare themselves well before applying for any specific positions.

Depending on the particular position for which an individual is applying, there will be certain skills and experience requisites that will have to be met. Additionally, a lot of the jobs on offer will require some type of certification or university level degree. By ensuring that they meet these minimum requirements, an individual will increase their chance of finding the ideal position in HR.

Understanding the HR trends for 2015

Here’s the trend among UK’s HR professionals for 2015:

…and here’s the global HR trends for 2015:

Certification and degrees necessary for HR positions

The qualifications required vary depending on the administrative level of the role being applied for. For instance, someone who is looking for an entry level position in HR, such as an HR assistant, will be required to have a minimum of four to five GCSEs in order to be considered for employment. However, this minimum requirement is often contingent upon the applicant having previous experience in some type of administrative role.

For a person who is seeking a managerial role in HR, the requirements are a bit higher. The person looking for an upper level role in HR will be required to have a higher level national certification or a higher level national diploma. The only exception is for an individual that has an equivalent in the form of a university degree.

Systems experience is a major plus

Although this aspect of HR isn’t discussed nearly as much in the mainstream, the ability to navigate and function within certain HR systems and software is vital to the endeavour of securing an HR position within a company. Due to the fact that government regulations concerning HR are constantly changing, in conjunction with the fact that companies are offering all types of compensation packages to entice employees to work with them, software systems that can monitor all of these regulations and benefits to ensure that all employees’ rights and benefits are serviced effectively and efficiently have become necessary.

These software systems are extremely comprehensive, subsequently requiring a certain level of experience to develop the expertise necessary to navigate through the system in a proficient manner. For more information on HR software take a look at industry leaders, CIPHR.

Chartered institution certifications

As HR becomes a more vital aspect of a company’s overall culture, the need for institutions that specialize in HR preparations is on the rise. One such institution is known as Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and they provide certifications for individuals who are seeking a career in HR. The CIPD is the top HR governing body in the UK, meaning that the qualifications set by this organisation usually set the standard for the industry. Obtaining a certification through CIPD will definitely add lustre to an applicant’s resume.

Non-HR administrative roles

For an individual looking for a career in HR who does not necessarily have the experience, seeking a non-HR administrative role is a great way to get their foot in the door. Most companies will have some type of on-the-job training that will help an individual meet the qualifications necessary to move up in the HR department.

The key is in being as prepared as possible. If the applicant has all of the qualifications required, there is a multitude of paths that can be taken, but even if they are lacking a few of these requirements, they have the option of taking the non-HR administrative role route into the HR department and working their way up from there.

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