How to Create a Perfect LinkedIn Profile that Actually Bring in Leads

How to Create a Perfect LinkedIn Profile that Actually Bring in Leads

LinkedIn is still a mystery to me. I still have a hard time in using my profile to attract leads for my business. Only a couple of leads so far to my websites, but no conversion worth noted.

Given the fact that there are dollars to be made from referral via LinkedIn (average sales order per LinkedIn visitor: $44.24,) getting my profile viewed – and get them click through to my websites – should be a major reason why I have my profile online on LinkedIn in the first place.

Fortunately, I have stumbled on a super-useful infographic published by Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout.

This infographic is practically the best guide I’ve ever seen for creating a LinkedIn profile that rocks – plain and simple. I will put what I learn into practice immediately!

Here’s the guide:

Perfect LinkedIn profile - infographic by QuickSprout

One thing for sure, I need to update my profile photo, as using a good, professional photo can make my profile 11 times more likely to get viewed.

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