10 of the Most Ridiculous Job Terminations in the History of Mankind

10 of the Most Ridiculous Job Terminations in the History of Mankind

These reasons for termination will really make you go “hunh”!

Number 8 (the lifeguard firing) is particularly disturbing to me.

Could you find one termination that had any merit at all?

I thought perhaps #4 had at least some modicum of common sense to it: Despite the woman’s generous motives for shaving her head, it is true that some people would find it uncomfortable having a woman with a shaven head serving them. However, a quick fix for this issue would have been for her to wear a hat or whatever. This sort of firing wouldn’t fly in this day and age.

If you’re a manager, you know how hard it is to fire someone in 2015 without having the labor authorities all over you, and incurring mountains of court costs.

What did you guys think about the lifeguard getting fired for leaving his post to save someone from drowning? That’s a strict boss!

Or Santa being fired for saying “Ho, ho, ho”? — hoo-ly smokes, is this what we’ve come to as a society?

Did anyone else do a couple of air fistbumps about McDonald’s having to shell out nearly $6,000 to the employee they fired for taking an extra slice of “processed” cheese, that probably isn’t even worth a penny? Nice!

Comment on your favorite and please pass this on to any friends who’ve recently lost their employment, so they no there are much worse reasons to lose a job than what probably happened to them!


Main Image: “Leila After Shaving Head” by Jess Sloss



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