Can You See Beyond Your Own Horizon?

Can You See Beyond Your Own Horizon?

Horizon, as it relates to the human condition, is defined as: “the limit of a person’s mental perception, experience, or interest.”

Listen to the wonderful and inspiring quotes contained in this video. Maybe it will help you find and even see beyond the self-imposed limitations you’ve put in front of yourself up until now.

I found Tony Robbins’ quote about people being caught up in the trap of “making a living and paying the lousy bills, rather than designing a life that’s worth living,” to be most inspiring today.

This particular limiting belief has to be in the top 5 for reasons most of us can’t see beyond the wall of despair we put in front of ourselves on a daily basis. Shift the use of your resources to get what you want, instead of simply existing.

Les’ was great too and meshes in with Tony’s thoughts really nicely: “Seek opportunity instead of security.”

Share your favorite quote in the comments.

Wishing you all the best. You’ve got the rest of the week to get your binoculars out and find that far off horizon with your name on it!




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