The Skill of Seduction and its Impact on Success

The Skill of Seduction and its Impact on Success

I do promise that this video has very little to do with learning how to pick up members of the opposite sex. As you might have already gathered from the title of the following video, Chen Lizra is going to talk about carrying over the skills and mindset needed to seduce someone into the way we lead our everyday lives.

I really liked the following quotes about what seduction really boils down to:

“The power that you’re not using, that you want to unleash.”

“Charm, connection, vulnerability, pride, self confidence, appeal.”

“Knowing what you want and the ability to go and get it.”

I could go on and on about the insights shared by Chen, but if you were really listening with interest, you’ll note that the ability to seduce — see something you want and go after it with unabashed vigor — to be fearless of the consequences such as rejection, embarrassment, failure, etc. — really are the same skills needed to attain the unattainable. To reach for something that few others have the gall to strive for.

Chen Lizra is so quotable! I’ll echo just one more that I hope everyone will take out into the world with them today:

“Master the art of seduction and you can get anything you want in life.”

So how’s your seduction game?


Main Image: “Kiss” by patries71



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