#ThereWillBeHaters – a New Way to Do Storytelling in Commercials?

#ThereWillBeHaters – a New Way to Do Storytelling in Commercials?

Featuring Gareth Bale, James Rodrigues, Luis Suarez and Karim Benzema, Adidas launched their new line of soccer shoes in a cool commercial.

This ad interests me for several of reasons: It’s different. It keeps my eyes peeled to the ad. The message and attitude are positive.

The storytelling process is unique, with a bit of humor. The quick-changing scenes and images with bright colors grab attention. Along with strong narration, the whole ad is engaging from start to finish.

The message: No matter how hard you try, chances are, there will be haters for you being you. So, ignore the haters and do the best you can.

This should be the way storytelling is done in commercials, in my opinion.

A cool message from a cool ad, don’t you agree?

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