Digital Marketing Trends for 2015: Rand Fishkin of Moz Shares his Insights

Digital Marketing Trends for 2015: Rand Fishkin of Moz Shares his Insights

Rand Fishkin a.k.a. the Wizard of Moz is one of the go-to guys when you are talking about digital marketing trends, particularly SEO.

In this video, Rand Fishkin answers some tough questions from David Jenyns of gracefully, and his answers can guide you through 2015 with the right digital marketing plans.

So, here are top digital marketing trends for 2015 we can learn from Rand:

  • SEO becomes a part of holistic digital marketing – an important part, that is.
  • Branding is the new SEO. Your brand image will amplify your SEO efforts.
  • Email marketing is far from dead: Amplify email marketing with SEO, social media and blog publishing will rock your business
  • SEO and content marketing must co-exist. Walking alone is dangerous.
  • SEO is not a profession; it’s a skill and expertise. Get over it.
  • Optimize for mobile traffic. People are looking what they need NOW – if you are not there, bummer.
  • You ain’t seen nothing yet about Google+
  • Be where your audience is. If yours is on Pinterest, be there; if yours on Facebook, be there.

If you noticed, the last 2 items above seem not related to SEO; but again, social media platforms are important in sending in traffic, as well as bringing in the link baiting opportunities – which all great for boosting your site’s presence in search engine (the real SEO in action.)

So, what trends do you spot for digital marketing in 2015? Please share your insight.

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6 thoughts on “Digital Marketing Trends for 2015: Rand Fishkin of Moz Shares his Insights

  • Hopefully more people will realize SEO is not a profession, but a skill. If someone is such an SEO expert, why not create their own amazing “SEOized” site and earn money from their efforts passively instead of try and teach people about SEO?

    Trying to game the search engines is not worth it. SEO is a long game. Be patient, write value-added content, network, and slowly watch your site grow.


  • I completely agree that SEO today is not the SEO I did back in 2009. SEO today relies on mastering – and using – ALL digital marketing disciplines, so today’s SEO must be knowledgeable about ALL Digital Marketing Strategies – but I am “really sorry” that “SEO” is being deprecated from “job titles”! I hope that we will still be able to say “SEO Manager”; “SEO Specialist”, or simply “SEO” in the job title, and that this would mean Digital Marketers with a particular accent on SEO 🙂

    • Ivan Widjaya Author · Edit


      Yes, it’s a pity. The good thing is, the title of “Digital marketing manager” seems to be more appealing today, as companies are seeking for a well-rounded people with digital marketing skills, IMO.


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