10 Productivity-Killing Mistakes That Will Make You a Bad Boss

10 Productivity-Killing Mistakes That Will Make You a Bad Boss

There’s no discounting the fact that bad management typically leads to bad employees and a poor-performing company.

A smart employer will always take a good long look at themselves; objectively analyzing how they treat their employees across the board, to determine how to get the best results possible from their staff.

This graphic shows 10 pretty clearcut production killing faults that employers can have:

Be a Better Employer

This is one of the better problem/solution graphics I’ve come across when it comes to poor employee management.

I think all of us have come across an employer or supervisor who possesses many of these traits (rarely will you find one who doesn’t). Often it comes down to poor choices on who gets promoted to leadership positions, entrepreneurs who don’t understand how to deal with people effectively, or poor leadership training.

After all, leading people isn’t an inborn skill.

I can’t think of any of the 10 listed that are more common than the others. On some level, most companies would probably have 7/10 of the above problems present in their current leadership, which is hurting productivity on some level.

Whether you’re an employer or employee, we can all learn a thing or two from this graphic that we can immediately take action to improve our workflow.


Main Image Courtesy of Lara604: Angry Friday Face

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