Apple Related Investments the Way to Wealth in 2015?

Apple Related Investments the Way to Wealth in 2015?

Our economic future is indeed uncertain. One source will point to plummeting gas prices driving us into another recession. Still other recent sources feel that the economic outlook for some North Americans looks good, depending on what tax bracket you’re in (see here).

Learn what Jeff Carbone thinks about how Apple and the products surrounding it should be set for growth in 2015.


“Invest in everything that goes up when it all goes down.”

Jeff’s Picks:

  1. Apple and Apple-related storage.
  2. Data storage.
  3. Foreign banks, stocks, and currency (basically exploiting a lower U.S. dollar)

What’s your stance on Jeff’s advice — Yay or nay? I tend to agree with everything he’s saying. While he mentioned discretionary-income products and services like airlines likely taking a hit, I’m not altogether sure they will. Travel is on the rise all over, and you’d also have to think that lower fuel costs could possibly help to offset their losses. Just a thought from someone who probably doesn’t understand enough of the big picture.

Feel free to weigh in with your own comments.

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