These Teen Millionaires Found Their Passion — So Can You!

These Teen Millionaires Found Their Passion — So Can You!

Regardless of your age, if these 20 self-made teenage millionaire entrepreneurs can’t inspire you today, I don’t know what will:

The Teen Millionaires Featured:

20 – Fraser Doherty: 14 year old “Super Jam” magnate.
19 – Ashley Qualls: One of the first adsense millionaires.
18 – Cameron Johnson: Founder of Cheers and Tears business cards and (looks like he’s moved on from this now, site is gone)
17 – Juliette Brindak: Founder of
16 – David and Catherine Cook: Founders of ($100-million valuation!)
15 – Sean Belnick: Founder of
14 – Nick D’Aloisio: Remember this $30-million dollar app sale to Yahoo from a few years back?
13 – Adam Horwitz: Mobile Monopoly app founder.
12 – Adam Hildreth: Dubbit social networking site founder.
11 – John Magennis: Multi million dollar web designer.
10 – Tyler Dikman: Magician, stock investor, and founder.
9 – Michael Furdyk: Million dollar web business, Oprah guest, tech magazine founder, philanthropist — wow!
8 – Abigail (Abbey) M. Fleck: Inventor of Mak N Bacon — really amazing story.
7 – Mike McDonald: Poker millionaire — incredible to have a poker face so young.
6 – Farrah Gray: Far Out Foods founder and entrepreneur at birth.
5 – Carl Churchill: “The British Bill Gates” — Nuff said!
4 – John Koon: First auto parts business owner in New York City? (hard to believe this is accurate)
3 – Andrew Gower: Runescape creator.
2 – James Murray: founder and founder.
1 – John and Patrick Collison: Stripe founders — wow, I didn’t know the story behind stripe til I saw this video. Way to go guys!


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