James Altucher’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Running and Starting a Business

James Altucher’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Running and Starting a Business

Want the ultimate cheat sheet for starting and running your business? I’ve found one, and it’s super-awesome. Seriously. It’s James Altucher’s, so I immediately know that I can trust the ‘cheat sheet.’

I’ve read about James Altucher for the first time via his book, Choose Yourself, and since then I’ve followed him around on Quora. His posts are brilliant, and his tips are entertainingly-practical and doable.

As I spend my time on Quora, I often discovered hidden gems that deserve more exposure, especially on social media. One of those is James Altucher’s The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Starting and Running a Business.

The blog post, as a part of his The Altucher Confidential blog on Quora, share 100 popular questions asked about starting and running a business. James’ answers to the questions are short and sweet – simply EPIC (yes, in capital letters.)

While I can’t possibly list all 100 Q&A’s, let me share 5 of the best, so you know what kind of (epic) cheat sheet you expect:

1. Should you go for venture capital money?

First build a product, then get a customer, then get friends and family money (or money from revenues which is cheapest of all) and then think about raising money, But only then. Don’t be an amateur.

2. Should you build a product?

Maybe. But first see if manually your product works. Then think about providing it as a service. Then productize the commonly used services. Too many people do this in reverse and then fail.

3. What’s the best thing do for a new client?

Overdeliver for the first 100 days. Then you will never lose them.

4. Should I blog?

Yes. You must. Blog about everything going wrong in your industry. Blog personal stories that you think will scare away customers. They won’t. Customers will be attracted to honesty.

5. Should I even start a business?

No. Make money. Build shit. Then start a business.

Simply brilliant, I must say. Read the rest here: http://jamesaltucher.quora.com/The-Ultimate-Cheat-Sheet-For-Starting-And-Running-A-Business

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