Guy Kawasaki Offers Epic Advice for Mark Zuckerberg

Guy Kawasaki Offers Epic Advice for Mark Zuckerberg

People – mainly business owners and marketers – rant much about the decline of Facebook reach. Many are trying to optimize things for better results, but the trend is here to stay: It continues to decline and will continue to do so.

The big question is, how far is too far? I believe there’s gotta be a tipping point: When Facebook users are fed up with the whole situation and decide to jump out of Facebook bandwagon (some big names have done so) and jump into the new bandwagons that promise better social networks, such as Tsu and Ello, to name a few.

let’s make an assumption: What if that happened?

Well, addressing the issue of declining Facebook reach, just listen to Guy Kawasaki’s epic advice to Mark Zuckerberg:

Well, buying more hoodies in different color is a good advice, but the real gem is the next ones.

Guy said that Edge rank impacts people’s personal profile, and today, it means the decline in Facebook reach. He said that Mark Zuckerberg needs to address that issue.

Guy also said that if this is meant to push advertising revenue, he said “Haleluya” to that.

But the problem with the decline of FB reach is the fact that, nowadays, not all of your followers will see your update. If you have 1,000 friends, consider yourself lucky if only 100 of them read your post when you published it.

Eventually, Guy predicted, the whole situation will upset Facebook users, and when enough users are jumping out of the Facebook bandwagon to other social networks. If this happened, then Facebook can’t charge as much as it can like today – and the rest is history.

So, to rephrase and recap, here’s Guy Kawasaki’s advice for Mark Zuckerberg:

“Don’t let the declining Facebook reach continues. If you keep on using your algorithm in such a way that the users’ post reach continue to decline, you will lose users, and eventually, advertising revenues.”

Hmm – something to think about, Mark!

How about you? What do you think of Guy’s advice?

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