Do You Feel Like Your Living Your Life Like an Animal Trapped in a Cage?

Do You Feel Like Your Living Your Life Like an Animal Trapped in a Cage?

This is an interesting take on the 3 different kinds of lives we are all living, based on the types of freedoms we perceive ourselves (and others) as having.

Watch the video and decide whether you wake up everyday feeling like a caged animal, comfortable, or charged up and ready to tackle the world. It just might be 10 minutes that will change your life forever.

The Caged Human

Have you ever uttered the phrase “Nobody understands me?”

Boy if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that! — Nobody can relate to your unique situation right? You’re a victim of your circumstances (check out this awesome post I did a few months ago that many people found value in (Losers Always Blame Their Circumstances — Winners Simply Find a Way!)

What about the comfortable person?

“It’s fine.”

Yes, there’s just no passion exuding from that statement is there? Comfort certainly doesn’t equal the suffering one feels when there stuck in a cage, but it’s not far from it. What happens when you’re on your deathbed, looking back and faced with the ghosts of 101 unfulfilled dreams — dreams that required you step outside your comfort zone to achieve them? (Fear the Ghost of Unfulfilled Dreams to Awaken Your Drive in Life!)

Time to get to a place where you’re fully charged up!

Last, the person whose charged up, with a brain full of happy hormones. Just a little out of your comfort zone — “appropriately challenged” as Brendon said.

Find your passion and chase it. Nuff said.



Main Image: “Caged” by liebeslakritze




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