15 Unique Quality Successful Entrepreneurs Have  – #4 Defines Me

15 Unique Quality Successful Entrepreneurs Have – #4 Defines Me

I am a big believer that entrepreneurship can be taught. With that said, budding entrepreneurs need to acquire some level of “standards” that make an entrepreneur successful or not. The more focused you are in pursuing those standards, the bigger chance you will achieve entrepreneurial success.

Need a cheat-sheet? Check this out:

So, to recap, here are 15 unique characteristics that make an entrepreneur a success:

1. You take action

You don’t spend your time perfecting your plan; you just craft a simple, often minimalistic plan, and take action. You learn through trials-and-errors along the way.

2. You’re insecure

Are you nervous and anxious whether your business will make it or not? Your sense of insecurity can be a good sign of an entrepreneurial nature in you.

3. You’re crafty

Are you resourceful and creative? If so, then you have a good chance in succeeding as an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs don’t have the resources when they start up – they need to find ways to make things work.

4. You’re obsessed with cash-flow

This is my favorite: If you are obsessed with cash-flow, then you can make a great entrepreneur. As we all know, cash-flow is your business’ life blood. If your business is growing but it lacks liquidity, how it can survive when the initial capital runs out?

5. You get into hot water

If you don’t like the status quo and always question why things work the way it is right now – and attempt to disrupt it – then you are a true entrepreneur.

6. You’re fearless

Entrepreneurs see opportunities in crisis and are not afraid to pursue them.

7. You can’t sit still

Entrepreneurs are always eager and passionate about their business. They don’t HAVE to work long hours: They LIKE to do so.

8. You’re malleable

Entrepreneurs consider all available options and respond to the trends by constantly evolving their business, in such a way that their chance for success is becoming bigger.

9. You enjoy navel gazing

Entrepreneurs always want to find out what others think about their business – and attempt to fix it, accordingly.

10. You’re motivated by challenges

If challenges motivate you to work harder and smarter, instead of bringing you down, then you have a great entrepreneurial quality.

11. You consider yourself an outsider

Entrepreneurs tend to disrupt their community: They are different in some ways, which make them to be bullied and alienated by others – things that make them work harder.

12. You recover quickly

Entrepreneurs love to fail fast, which also means that they will recover quickly. There are times for gloom and doom, but an effective entrepreneur quickly rebound and pursue another opportunity. Rinse and repeat, until they find the coveted-prize of success.

13. You fulfill needs.

True entrepreneurs see gaps in the market and capitalize on them.

14. You surround yourself with advisors

Effective entrepreneurs don’t hire yes men; they hire those who are smarter and better than them.

15. Your work and play hard.

Entrepreneurs work and play hard – at the same time. They may have many sleepless nights, but they are having fun in the process.

How about you? Do you have the entrepreneurial characteristics inside you? Please share how those impact your venture or career.

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