Confidence Comes From the Ability for You to Rise Above Your Circumstances

Confidence Comes From the Ability for You to Rise Above Your Circumstances

Twenty-fifteen is here folks!

Have you made your list of resolutions and checked them twice?

Will this year be naughty or nice? (Yeah, yeah. I’m combining a Christmas song with New Year’s resolutions — sue me!)

Yes, you can say “I’ll do it next year.” That’s a success-killing prophecy that never really loses it’s shine to the unmotivated, until they either choose to stop using it, or the end finally comes in the form of death.

Once again, BizEpic would like to share some fierce words from several of the motivational greats from this and the last century about how you can cultivate the fierce ambition that resides (sometimes deep) inside us all:

As Jim Rohn, father of the motivational speaking industry alluded to: Will you quit early in the day tomorrow or the next day, or the day after that — or keep working past the point where everyone else will call it a day to rise above your circumstances and get where you’re destined to be?

Will you take freedom in 2015, or continue to sit back thinking it’s coming to you, that you somehow deserve it?

What’s your purpose? When you know your purpose you’ll gain certainty and boundless, fierce ambition!

Take full responsibility for what happens to you this year — I’m rooting for you, if you feel like nobody else is.

Make a conscious decision about what drives you, then drive toward it at full steam this year.

Does your purpose in life pull you harder than your past, your anger, your self-conscious thoughts, etc.?

What will be your nature in the end: Driven by your past or current circumstances, or manically-driven to surpass them and move toward something better?

Did you even watch the video?

Good luck!







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