Top 5 Reasons why LinkedIn Marketing Rocks

Top 5 Reasons why LinkedIn Marketing Rocks

Want to do proper B2B marketing? Forget Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is THE place to do it.

Amy Schmittauer of Savvy Sexy Social, in her latest episode of Social Thursday,
[three_fourth] shares her expert insight on using LinkedIn for your B2B marketing. Here are top 5 advantages of LinkedIn marketing. Check ’em out:

To recap, here’s why Amy thinks LinkedIn B2B marketing rocks:

  1. LinkedIn is the hangout place for business people. So, it’s obviously great for B2B or job hunt.
  2. LinkedIn publisher program: Be the expert in your niche – write content and drive traffic/raise awareness to your business website.
  3. Get involved in groups – learn new things, provide what people need and help solving people’s problems.
  4. Be the top influencer in LinkedIn Groups: Actively participate in discussions and you will eventually reach the Top Contributor status. Your “Top Contributor” tag under your name gives a boost to your – and your business’ – credibility.
  5. LinkedIn’s Who have viewed your profile section will give you an idea of who’s interested in your profile, in what you are doing? Start connecting from there – do a Skype talk, send messages,…

Sounds like a great place for raising brand awareness and attracting business leads, don’t you think?

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