U.S. SMB’s on Hiring Spree Moving Into 2015!

U.S. SMB’s on Hiring Spree Moving Into 2015!

This recent infograph holds some very promising stats about small businesses in the service sector who’re still in the middle of a mad hiring spree in the final quarter of 2014:


I think this shows a lot of hope for our economy.

Sure, this is service sector employment, and many in the service sector need more employees to deal with the Christmas rush. However, the average indicates that new jobs have been being created for months now and there’s no indication things are going to slow down — yet!

New businesses are being created and new jobs are coming in.

Way to go SMB’s!

Looks like now’s a great time to throw your hat in the fray if you have a great small business idea that you’ve been keeping stored away in the back of your brain.








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