Tumblr and Google+ will be Extinct by 2020: Gary Vee Sez

Tumblr and Google+ will be Extinct by 2020: Gary Vee Sez

Ashton Kutcher, that good looking actor-slash-techie-slash-investor, asks an intriguing question in Episode 54 of the #AskGaryVee show, and Gary Vaynerchuk drops a bomb with his answer.

Question: Which social media platform is currently an incumbent, do you feel will be extinct in 5 years? In 2020 what platform that everyone is invested, do you think will be extinct? 


Tumbler and Google+ are two major social media platforms that will go bust within 5 years time. Mr. Vee’s reasoning makes sense: Both owned by big corp, and too much politics don’t suit any social media platforms.

A special case would be Google+. Google is known for shutting down underperforming products, so they will continue to do so in the future – perhaps starting with Google Plus.

If you invested much resources on both platforms, be sure you consider your options. Gary Vaynerchuk is a visionary for some reasons – his predictions often comes true (the latest one: Apple Pay)

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