WestJet Christmas Miracle: Why It Inspires People (and Haters, Too)

WestJet Christmas Miracle: Why It Inspires People (and Haters, Too)

WestJet, the Canadian airline, has done it again: After an ultra-successful marketing campaign in 2013 with its Christmas Miracle surprises, they are on it again in 2014.

Here’s their award-winning Christmas Miracle video in 2013 (with more than 36 million YouTube views):

…and here’s the latest Christmas Miracle video, in a neighborhood in the Dominican Republic:

They have done a great job in brand storytelling: Heartwarming events are truly inspiring people – and, unfortunately, some haters, too.

You see, I’m always amazed when haters say, “it’s fake! Shame on you.” Yes, OF COURSE it’s scripted: It’s a well-concerted marketing gig. But it’s far from scamming: Everybody enjoys a good time – the staffs, the subjects, the bystanders – and the video viewers, too; all are inspired by the event.

Let’s face it: It’s a successful marketing campaign, and the people involved are genuinely happy; that’s what matter most. Get over it.

Your take?

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