The Art of Small Talk and How to Master it

The Art of Small Talk and How to Master it

This is an excellent tutorial on how to become great at small talk. You know, that oftentimes mindless chit-chat that happens when you meet someone knew, which hopefully leads to a more meaningful conversation?

This so important for lead gen, sales — and life in general.

This video comes to us from the folks at The Art of Manliness, but small talk is a skill both sexes need to master when venturing out into the world of business and/or entrepreneurship.

I will say that while the advice in this video is awesome, the small talk skits are way cheesy!

However, if we look past the acting, the advice given is a great primer toward starting better, more meaningful conversations immediately. I’m just going to quickly recap the key points, but I’d really encourage anyone interested in making better small talk to save this video in their favorites for future reference. Watch this short video whenever you’re going out to network — even when you’re going for a relaxing stroll, to remind you to be open and receptive to people.

See yourself as a host wherever you go — approach people, particularly those who’re alone and look uncomfortable. And be approachable, not some stiff dullard that answers everything with one-word answers.

Use ARE to establish initial rapport:

  • Anchor
  • Reveal
  • Encourage

Use the FORM acronym for coming up with potential conversation starters, in the absence of observational topics:

  • Family
  • Occupation
  • Recreation
  • Motivation

If you find yourself as one of those people dissing small talk, discounting it as a lack of creativity on yours or the other person’s part, please consider the costs associated with that limiting belief. You’re missing out on the potential best friendships of your life, casting aside potential customers, etc.

You might even be insulting a secret millionaire, seeking a kind-hearted startup CEO or failing business owner to invest in!







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