Dear Hard Work: Look at What You’ve Done to Me

Dear Hard Work: Look at What You’ve Done to Me

Fear of pain, fear of failure.

Hard work is called hard work for a reason.

Check out Christiano Ronaldo’s open letter/poem to “hard work”.

It’ll make your day, I swear.

Dear Hard Work,

I used to hate you,
When you called my name,
I heard it but ran away from you,
When I knew you were coming,
I used to hide from you,
When you influenced others to talk to me,
I quickly made excuses to get away from you.
Afraid of the pain because I didn’t want to get hurt
Afraid to fail, so I didn’t even try
Afraid of the shame that you might put me through and
Afraid of your name because of what you have done to others
Who do you think you are?
Making me so afraid of who you are?
Reflection in the mirror,
Shadow behind me,
I take one step and still,
Your ahead of me,
Sweat on my face, tears in my eyes,
I keep on going,
I heard you tell no lies,
You turn the poor to rich,
F to A’s
Is there anything that you can’t do?
Now look at me,
You made me who I am today,
and because of you,
I have this never losing, never giving up attitude
That is not in my vocabulary
When they quit, I keep going,
When they sleep, I work harder,
When they say that I can’t and count me out, I show them that I can
When I tell them about my dreams,
And they laugh, I make sure I laugh last.
I’m a dream chaser, that means I chase my dreams, and not no one else’s
Only I can defeat me,
It’s me against this work you put on me,
There Is no losing – I will not lose,
I came this far and I’m not stopping now
O Hard work,
My dad was right about you, you do pay off, and because of that I love you.
How can I not?
I’m no longer hiding from you, I’m waiting for you.
Matter of fact, where are you?
I need you, because in hard work- I trust!

What an epic poem by Real Madrid’s Christiano Ronaldo!

Love the line at the end about his father being right about hard work paying off…

Even though he’s a footballer, this poem can touch anyone, and should be highly relevant to YOUR interests (yes, I’m talking to YOU!)

Make sure you share this video with someone in your life who needs it.


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