Erghis Sphere Will Replace Traditional Keyboards

Erghis Sphere Will Replace Traditional Keyboards

This device is both cool and disturbing at the same time. I’d say it will replace traditional touch keyboards within a very short time.

Obviously, there’ll be an adjustment period if the Erghis Sphere ends up going mainstream (and I think it will).

Let’s face it, at first it will definitely look more than a little absurd walking around in public typing on your “invisible” sphere, texting and answering emails. Almost as strange would be imagining walking into an office full of cubicles with people holding their hands in front of them typing and swiping on their Erghis!

When watching this video, I actually got an image of walking into a call center or Wall Street-style boiler room, with agents standing up while talking to their customers on headsets, doing what looks to be some strange rendition of the Robot dance from the eighties!

This thing’s practically supernatural and obviously the possibilities go far beyond air-typing, as we saw from the guy controlling the robotic arm.

Maybe it will make less people bump into each other on the streets and subways while they’re texting on their smartphones?

Anyway, the Erghis Sphere looks like it’ll be one of the most ergonomic keyboards ever made, right? A perfectly designed keyboard that really has no potential for improvement. At least until a computer is made that can interpret what keys we want to push, faster than the impulse can be sent from our brains to our fingers.

What do you think of the Erghis: yay or nay?









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