Want to Change the World? Be a Social Entrepreneur

Want to Change the World? Be a Social Entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurship has grown in impact and popularity in the past few years, and it has grown into a sector if its own. Think social entrepreneurs as those who put their – and their investors’ – money into a good use, changing people’s life one person at a time, while generating enough profits to sustain themselves.

As you can see, profits are not the main goal in social entrepreneurship. But yes, money will follow when you are changing people’s life with your money.

To give you some insights on what social entrepreneurship can offer you and the society, I recommend you to watch this quarter-of-an-hour TEDtalk at TEDxUtrecht, presented by Willemijn Verloop, the founder of War Child non-profit organization and the director for Social Enterprise NL, a company that supports the growing social enterprise sector in The Netherlands.

I love the coverage on a software testing business that employs autistic people. I always consider autistic people as those who are blessed with great intelligence and focus, and this business is simply brilliant in giving them a chance to make an impact.

So, what’s your take on social entrepreneurship?

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