Everything You Need to Know About Creating Perfect Share-Worthy Posts on Social Media

Everything You Need to Know About Creating Perfect Share-Worthy Posts on Social Media

This infographic came to me through one of my Pinterest contacts.

Check it out if you want to up your social game!

Perfect Social Posts

There’s lots of useful info in this graphic. One thing that caught my eye was the image posting facts:

  • Facebook: Posts with images get the highest amount of engagement. Well, this is no surprise, but liked the tip about 800 x 600 being the optimal size.
  • Pinterest: No human faces.  This one was a real shocker to me. This platform is all about sharing photos for crying out loud! Images without faces get shared 23% more on Pinterest than those which do. I’m sure many of you knew this little tidbit, but I hope those who didn’t can put this tip to good use. In fact, the infograph drops plenty of Pinterest knowledge bombs about color usage, background, and even the optimal saturation level.

This one about Twitter was also relevant to my interests:

  • Twitter: Bit.ly drives the most retweets. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. It’s really true. There’s more benefit to using shorteners than just free tracking or squeezing more text into your tweets!

The best times to post was interesting too. Ivan did a specific blog post here on BizEpic about this not too long ago, but I found it almost comical to see in particular that LinkedIn and Google+ times were early in the morning, whereas the other three platforms don’t seem to even roll out of bed til noon!

The graphic kind of lends itself to the assumption that Facebookers, the Pinterested, and Twitterati are all a bunch of night-crazed party animals! (Yes, I know that’s not the case, just feeling humorous today.)

Share your thoughts. Do you agree/disagree with any of the info shared in the graphic above?






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