Mastering Productivity: Are You A “Thought Addict”?

Mastering Productivity: Are You A “Thought Addict”?

Over-thinking is a drug:

This is a way of relaxing and increasing mental efficiency that I must admit continues to elude me: the idea of arriving at a state of “thoughtlessness”.

Many of you may have mastered this brain skill already through meditation. Lucky you…

For those who haven’t: the video is a reminder that over-thinking kills productivity just as much as being completely devoid of thought from sun-up to sun-down.

This affects our ability to effectively problem solve and communicate with the people in our lives. How often to you meet someone with a glazed over look in their eyes, which is a tell-tale sign they’re not present?

Please do comment if you have any insights/techniques to add, which aren’t mentioned in the video.


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