BYOD is The Latest Work Trends: Are you on it?

BYOD is The Latest Work Trends: Are you on it?

The latest buzz term in the world of workplace innovation is BYOD, but what does it really mean? BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, is a new trend whereby employees bring their own devices to work, rather than relying on their company for electronics.

The BYOD trend is proving a hit with studies finding that two thirds of businesses using the BYOD model saw an increased level of employee productivity and customer response. The advantages of the BYOD trend are many, from cost saving to reducing employee training time by having staff use their own devices companies are finding themselves on the edge of innovation as employees embrace new technologies and incorporate them into their work lives.

With the BYOD model, your staff have increased off-site flexibility, meaning they are more connected to work when offsite. With BYOD, the office is in your pocket, and the global markets become local.

New work trends infographic
Via Exigent Networks

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