Coin Solves Mankind’s Worst Wallet Problem: A Stack of Plastic Cards

Coin Solves Mankind’s Worst Wallet Problem: A Stack of Plastic Cards

Have you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of cards you have in your wallet? Debit cards, credit cards, reward cards, and so on. Managing your statements and bills are already overwhelming – you should add to the complexity with how to keep them physically.

There’s gotta be a better way, and there is one solution: Coin.

Coin looks like an ordinary card. What’s unique is that it’s a smarter device; it keeps all of your cards’ data, allowing you to carry just one card, instead of a stack of plastic cards.

Think of Coin as your digital wallet in a physical form. A digital wallet allows you to make online transaction or purchasing in a physical store via an app. What makes Coin different from a digital wallet is that the fact Coin has a physical appearance, and you can use it just like you use your other cards – just swipe it.

I was a bit skeptical. What if a hacker can get into the Coin app and steal my card data from my Coin account? But then, this is also the same risk on digital wallets.

Nevertheless, I’m sure the IT security team at Coin can solve this problem. But until then, I’ll just wait and see whether Coin can solve the clutter and security problems.

All in all, Coin is revolutionary – it solves problems elegantly. I myself fancy the design of the card. Pretty cool to carry around and woo others 🙂

You can get more info on Coin here:

How about you – what do you think of Coin?

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