Twitter Logo Costs $15? More Fun Facts about Logo Inside!

Twitter Logo Costs $15? More Fun Facts about Logo Inside!

Did you know that Twitter’s logo was actually bought from iStockPhoto for $15? Did you know that the Microsoft’s logo, which valued at $56.7 billion, is actually created by an in-house design team?

You see, logo design can cost you from nothing to millions of dollar, but how the logo/brand is valued depends on how the company grows. That’s why during the journey of your company, you may need to relaunch your brand with a new logo.

Want some fun facts and inspirations? Check out this cool inforgraphic created by Ruby Media Corporation:

Logo color, value and evolution in infographic

Do logos affect your buying decisions? I’d say yes. Big brands are, well, big, because they represent the product quality and value. I’ll notice everything new with an Apple logo on it, even though it’s iTrash. I’ll notice everything new with a swish logo on it. And the “M” logo, too.

How about you? Are you buying something because of the logo you see?

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