Proctor & Gamble: “It’s Okay If You Run Like a Girl”

Proctor & Gamble: “It’s Okay If You Run Like a Girl”

This commercial has been blowing up YouTube and the entire social sphere for the last few days. Gotta admit that I shed a happy tear or two when I first watched it:



What an cool ad right? How many girls over the age of 3 haven’t felt the sting of an insult ending with the phrase “like a girl” in their lifetime?

At the same time: how many guys do you know who haven’t had this simple phrase hurled their way at some point?

I know I have — I’ve even… (gasp)… used it a time or two!

For those of you who’ve been reading my posts lately, you already know that I’m a huge fan of commercials that use “inconspicuous adverting”. In other words: reaching out to your target market without ramming your product (in this case maxi pads) down the viewer’s throat.

I’m sure there are very few women of any age who aren’t aware of Always Maxi Pads, but I think this is a rather ingenious effort at building brand awareness.

Be sure to share this video and drop #likeagirl into one of your Twitter posts today.

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