Why deviantART is SO COOL

Why deviantART is SO COOL

deviantART is the go-to website for artists to showcase their artwork and gain feedback from site visitors. As of March 2013, they have more than 25 million members with 246 million of artworks submitted. It’s a HUGE community for artists and art lovers.

So, why deviantART is so cool? Well, it’s given: The interesting artwork, the raving community… but sometimes, when you are looking for the reasons why a company is so cool, is by looking at who runs at the helm.

Angelo Sotira, the Co-Founder and CEO of deviantART talks about how it’s all started and how deviantART has grown into a huge, authoritative community.

Some advice from Mr. Sotira on growing a strong company:

  • Listen to your staff and users.
  • Continue to innovate, as innovation is a tool for growth.
  • Grow organically.
  • Running your business, it’s important to be surrounded by advisors and smart people who often know more than you.
  • You never know enough about your business – take risks, make mistakes and get better.

Got it. Note taken.

Cover photo credit: Sakimichan / deviantART

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