Want to Make a Change? Take Personal Responsibility of your Business and Personal Life

Want to Make a Change? Take Personal Responsibility of your Business and Personal Life

“I don’t know… what do you think?” “Whatever… it’s up to you.” are a couple of the question-slash-response I hate coming from others – and myself. Once is okay. But twice? Again, again and again? Well, that’s too much.

You see, I hate it because I was that kind of person. I am working hard to better myself and to try hard NOT to be that kind of person. Why? Because asking such questions too many times mean that I’m not taking personal responsibility of my very own life.

That means I’m a jerk, honestly.

Lost opportunities because you can’t decide

The same thing holds true for business. Being indecisive is costly. Very costly. It’s better to make a decision, fail and take responsibility for the failure than to being indecisive and fail because you don’t take any decisions. Silly? You bet – but many – including me in the past – have done it.

Just imagine how many opportunities you’ve missed just because you don’t make a decision in a timely manner.

Are you sure you know where you are going?

Here’s another thing about personal responsibility. So many entrepreneurs are too embedded with the startup thing; they don’t have a sense of direction; some sort of a map to guide you through the business wilderness.

They call it “being entrepreneurial.” I call it “being a gambler.”

You see, you need a plan. “Just do it” is a good mentality, but without a road map, I’m not sure you can do it. Why? You don’t know where to go, in the first place.

If you feel that you are that kind of person (I know I do – sometimes!), I believe that after you read this post – and view this video – your life will change.

Brendon Burchard has done a great job explaining the whole thing in this video. I’ll just let him take over from here – he knows his stuff 🙂 Very helpful and motivational.

Here are some gems I discovered from the video – if you want to be a more successful person, be responsible for the following:

  1. You need to know where you are going – you need a plan.
  2. You need to be more attentive to your life.
  3. You need to change your attitude about your life.
  4. You need to be affectionate to others.

Agreed, Brandon.

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