Cook Your Lunch on The Asphalt: An Interesting, yet Disturbing Reality

Cook Your Lunch on The Asphalt: An Interesting, yet Disturbing Reality

There is no better way to grab attention by launching a marketing campaign that involves interaction with people, done in public places.

This is exactly what WWF Paraguay is doing.

In order to raise awareness on global warming issues, WWF Paraguay launches Global Warming Menu – an on-the-road event featuring cooking for lunch – done on the asphalt.

What? Yes, you heard that right. WWF Paraguay team cooks meals on the asphalt and serve them. They look nice. No stove required. It’s an interesting event in itself… but the big question is – why?

Paraguay is one of the hottest countries on the earth and its capital, Asuncion, is one of the hottest cities in the world. You may argue that temperature has always been this high in the past, but when you destroy 80 percent of native forest in the past 50 years, that will have an impact on the earth temperature in one way or another.

This is a serious problem. Global warming is a big issue and to raise awareness, organizations need to become more creative in their persuasion. WWF Paraguay has done it pretty well – just have a look at the comment section of the YouTube video: There are pros and cons and conflicting opinions about global warming, which means that the campaign is a success in term of raising awareness on global warming.

What businesses can learn from WWF Paraguay is this: Talking without action is useless. It doesn’t put your message across to your audience effectively. You need to demonstrate your message. Lesson learned.

How about you? What do you think of the video?

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8 thoughts on “Cook Your Lunch on The Asphalt: An Interesting, yet Disturbing Reality

  • Just silly. We’ve been doing this in Phoenix for generations, just for fun. Nothing new, no big deal, could have been doing it down there too, if anyone had bothered. Warmist fanatics really need to grow up and get life.

    • Len,

      Yes, it’s nothing new. But it still attracts people’s attention, though. Political-issue-aside, it’s an interesting gig that attracts attention.

      • I think we understood the fundamentals of science better 40 years ago than kids do today. That’s why they are so vulnerable to anything that shows up in Time Magazine or on the Drudge Report. I am most proud that I taught my kids to be cynics.

        I suppose the fact that I actually read the Time Magazine article on the Coming Ice Age may give me an advantage over kids who have never read anything that wasn’t assigned as homework (which isn’t much), but, with so many tools at their disposal, is it unreasonable to hope they actually GOOGLE something?

        Is it unreasonable to hope that someone blogging on the internet or reading the news in front of a TV camera do the same? There is no excuse for all of this silliness. I guess all of this doomsday stuff gives the 99% something to do.


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