How an Explainer Video Generates $21,000 a Month in New Income for Crazy Egg

How an Explainer Video Generates $21,000 a Month in New Income for Crazy Egg

Neil Patel, the Co-founder of Crazy Egg, explains that the company’s explainer video has generated $21,000 a month in new income. And no, he didn’t spend a fortune to create it (from this post, we can learn that the Crazy Egg explainer video might costs less than $5,000.)

So, let’s conclude that for less than $5,000 (one-time fee), Crazy Egg generates an extra $21,000 EVERY month. Wow.

Here’s what the explainer video looks like:

Crystal clear and attention-grabbing. So, how this 2-minute explainer video drives such amount of bonus income? To recap:

  • It’s all about the script, not the video. Don’t outsource your script to the explainer video maker – you know your business better than anybody else; you are the one who should create the script; or hire someone who specializes in scripting.
  • Before you write your script, survey your readers first.
  • Find quality explainer video creator and the voice-over for your video.
  • Do A/B testing on your video

For more insights, learn how Neil Patel does it here (spoiler: He even shows you who he hired for creating the video!)

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