How Mr. Stampy Cat’s YouTube Channels Get 3 Millions Subscribers and 1 Billion Views

How Mr. Stampy Cat’s YouTube Channels Get 3 Millions Subscribers and 1 Billion Views

We have talked about how a multi-platform indie game, Minecraft, builds a massive community of raving fans and evangelists (read here.) In this post, we will talk about how Minecraft can help turning a player into a real life millionaire. Introducing, Mr. Stampy Cat.

Mr. Stampy Cat plays in a Minecraft world and records himself for the world to see. The videos are published under Stampylonghead and Stampylongnose channels. Until today, both get nearly 3 millions of YouTube subscribers and generating over 1 billion video views in total without needing to buy likes on Youtube.


Videos – mostly Minecraft XBOX videos – are uploaded daily and they grabbed millions of views every day. Here’s the trailer to the all-popular YouTube channel:

So, how on earth Mr. Stampy Cat a.k.a. Joseph Garrett (23 y.o.) does it – and why? Just like any gamers, Mr. Garrett just love doing what he is doing: Playing Minecraft – and while he’s at it, he records his character, Stampy, creating something or simply playing around with his friends (“helpers”.) Minecrafters visit his channel for fun, tips and ideas.

Just wondering, how much Mr. Garrett is making from his videos? I haven’t found any figures, but as one of the Top 10 YouTube channels, he is on his way to making millions (source.)

Lessons learned: “Doing what you love” is not a lame advice for success. It really is the best advice.

Another lesson learned: If you want to succeed using videos as your tools, you need to record videos and do commentary like Mr. Garrett. He engages me for the whole length of the 20-ish-minute videos with his unique commentary – and a wonderful British accent.

The last lesson learned: Attract people’s interest by giving solutions to their “problems” – Mr. Stampy Cat shows viewers what they can do with Minecraft, and as ALL Minecraft players always want more tips – both basic and advanced – Stampy will only become more popular than ever.

Just for fun – here’s one of Stampy’s latest videos:

Please share Mr. Stampy Cat’s greatness!

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