You Would Want Someone to Do THIS for Your Business Brand

You Would Want Someone to Do THIS for Your Business Brand

Minecraft, THE popular sandbox game, has almost reached cult status as many – young and old – obsessed playing the game for hours. But did you know what makes the game so successful? The answer is: The fanatical brand followers.

If you want to know how popular Minecraft as a brand is, check out this indie video. Going to a couple of Wallmart stores wearing the Minecraft costume as the main character, Steve, this guy has become popular. Kids were taking picture and the best thing of all – he puts smiles on people’s face (and confused looks on some, too.)

You know your brand is popular when someone is doing the above for your brand. Going viral, your brand will “sell” your products or services on its own.

In a subtlety, Walmart benefits from this gig, too. Awesome.

One lesson learned: Build a tribe of raving followers. They will do the rest for you. What you need to do now is to nurture them.

By the way, if you have no idea what Minecraft is, check out this intro:

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