How to Make £5 Grow: Learn from UK School Kids

How to Make £5 Grow: Learn from UK School Kids

It takes money to make money. Um, right. You see, I’m not a big believer of that saying; I believe that you can make money without money. However, I do believe that it’s challenging. It needs creativity, guts and plenty of failures before you do it right.

I think it’s always the best to teach our kids about entrepreneurship early. That way, they have a chance to build up confidence and resilience early, so that they will find success earlier.

Well, why not try things out with a bit of money for a starter. How £5 sounds?

Virgin Money has done exactly that – they set up a big challenge for a school’s students to make £5 grow into as much as they can in 5 hours period.

The winner? The Razeti team – they have grown £5 into £46.60. So, that means that the ROI is over 900 percent. In 5 hours. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Plenty to learn from the video. And yes, us adults need to learn from kids on how to be successful, even on a limited startup budget and a limited deadline.

I think Virgin Money’s program is a great program for both the school and the company. The gig is also a nice promotional event for Virgin Money and the Virgin brand as a whole. I wish kids in my local area have such access.


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