Don’t Have Time to Start a Business? Make It – or Else…

Don’t Have Time to Start a Business? Make It – or Else…

So many people want to start a business and be successful, happy or rich. However, not many have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Not many have the passion for pursuing their dreams, and “I don’t have time” often become the reason someone dreams about entrepreneurship – but doesn’t take the steps to turn the dream into reality.

Ridiculously, when those people face failures, they blame everyone else – friends, family, God,… – for not being successful, accusing them to be the so-called “distraction.”

Well, the truth is, quite often, the biggest distraction of all is you, your lack of passion and your limiting beliefs.

“I don’t have any money. How can I get some?” “Well, you should consider starting your own business and create your own wealth.” “But how? I don’t have time – because…” “I don’t have money to start one…” “I don’t have the guts…”

Excuses are dream killer. And one of the top excuses people have is “I don’t have time.”

You see, people always say “I don’t have time” when it comes to starting a business. Well, the truth is, you WON’T have the time, EVER. You will always have other things to take care – namely chores, responsibilities, etc. – and you will use those as “valid reasons” not to start a business.

I know that, sometimes, I use my lack of time as a reason to procrastinate. If you are just like me, this video will help you – it has helped me, for sure:

Stop making excuses, start making time to start a business.


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