How a Thermostat Can Be This Cool

How a Thermostat Can Be This Cool

Have you heard about Nest thermostat? If you haven’t, it is a smart thermostat, that is wireless, self-learning, and programmable.

Developed by Nest Labs (acquired by Google for $3 billion in early 2014,) the thermostat can help you reduce energy consumption by optimizing usage, as well as helping you to automate your home activities.

Nest thermostats sport great design and cool feature – something you can usually get from Apple products. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence: Nest Labs was co-founded by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, both former Apple engineers.

Check out this intro to learn how it works:

Some haters think that Nest thermostats are for lazy people who are too lazy to adjust thermostats on their own, but I think everything about the product is brilliant: The sleek, Apple-like design; the self-learning capability; the amount of energy saved; the coolness of using one.

I don’t mind called as being lazy when I can save half of my home’s energy consumption using Nest 🙂


Lessons learned: Functions are great, but with cool product design, you can enjoy the functions, plus additional design value to your room.

Another lesson learned: Home automation is a rising trend; soon, everything will be inter-connected wirelessly to the cloud, and everything will be accessible via any devices – including your smartphone.

What do you think of Nest thermostats?

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