Success Advice from Self-made Billionaires People Should Follow (But Don’t)

Success Advice from Self-made Billionaires People Should Follow (But Don’t)

Everybody wants success. Unfortunately, not everybody wants to do what it takes to achieve it. Even worse, not everybody wants to follow the advice given to take your first step to success.

Yet, some people are whining and ranting about their situation; how their hard work doesn’t pay off; how their job sucks; how their business is failing; how they can’t get rich and wealthy.

Perhaps the biggest reason people are not successful is this: They just don’t want to get out of their comfort zone.

They may be smart and have big dreams, but walking away from that comfy La-Z-Boy is too burdensome. But you know what, I am – sometimes – just like them.

But I’m working hard; I know I do. I’m on my way. And if you are just like me, well, let’s hustle together. Want some motivation? These words of wisdom from self-made billionaires has helped me to stay focused:

To recap, here are the secrets for success: Have a strong vision, work hard, do more than your competitors, live and breathe entrepreneurship, make mistakes, always trying to go out of your comfort zone, and always dream big.

Got it. Now off to work and make a difference.

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