Jamie Oliver’s Recipe for Success: Make Mistakes and Budget for Them

Jamie Oliver’s Recipe for Success: Make Mistakes and Budget for Them

I enjoy watching Entrepreneur.com’s Behind the Brand series hosted by Bryan Elliott, and this time, the interview is with Jamie Oliver, the celebrity chef-slash-restaurateur, who finally enters the US market with his venture.

I’m a huge fan of Jamie Oliver and follow the Naked Chef since his early days in UK. Here’s a snapshot of his achievements: In the past 5 years, Jamie created 8,000 jobs and launched 40 restaurants, worldwide.

Whoa. How did he get there?

Jamie’s career has a humble beginning. He started his culinary journey right from his family business, doing all the dirty work to earn some pocket money. His family is doing well, but his dad says that the pocket money must be earned. So, thanks to Jamie’s dad, his future starts early when Jamie was 8 years old.

Shows after shows and restaurants after restaurants, he is now where he is right now because of this:

Try things and make mistakes. Budget part of your profits for doing those (Jamie suggests 10 percent.) From your mistakes, then you will start seeing what work and won’t work – and respond to it.

Let me rephrase and repeat that once more:

Get creative, start making mistakes, and set a budget to make them.

Got it.

Cover photo credit: Scandic Hotels

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