How to Get Investors in 60 Seconds. Watch and Learn.

How to Get Investors in 60 Seconds. Watch and Learn.

Want to get investors in 60 seconds? Perfect your elevator pitch.

Elevator pitches are crucial in driving interest of people – typically investors – toward your products/services. Many have done other complex things but fail to craft the ultimate elevator pitch for their business.

If you are crafting your own elevator pitch, there is no better way to get started than MSNBC Elevator Pitch. The popular MSNBC business segment lets you, the entrepreneur, to pitch real investors (e.g. Shark Tank’s Daymond John) about your business in 60 seconds. The investors will then critique and provide practical advice on improving the pitches.

Watch and learn.

I thought the idea of doing an elevator pitch in a real elevator setting is rather silly, but I learn MANY things from MSNBC Elevator Pitch. I do prefer the green-screen, off-the-elevator pitches, but hey – what’s important is the message.

My personal favorite? The Daddy & Co.’s Daddy Scrubs pitch. What’s yours?

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