Want to Build Your Very Own Phone? Yes, You Can!

Want to Build Your Very Own Phone? Yes, You Can!

Everything cool in the world started out as a concept. The concept consists of dream and vision, and this is exactly what started everything-i (iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac…,) Lego, 3D printing and many other cool stuffs in any industries.

Now, there is one more concept that will change the whole industry: Modular phone which parts you can add or replace in the way you like it – just like Lego. What’s its name? Phonebloks.

Do you like to travel the world? You might want a bigger camera block in your phone. Want HD display? Just replace the display block with the latest display tech block. Need your phone as music player? Place a bigger and more sophisticated speaker block.

Do you want it? I know I do. Unfortunately, just like what I mentioned above, it’s still a concept. BUT, it is starting to take shape and one big company, Google-owned Motorola, jumped in with the partnership to make Phonebloks a reality.

Here’s the concept:

…and here’s one step closer in turning the concept into reality – just one month later. The codename: Project Ara.

Want to turn the concept into reality much sooner than later? Support the project – or the cause, if you will: https://phonebloks.com/en

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