Visit a Metrology Dealer For Coordinate Measuring Machine Help

Visit a Metrology Dealer For Coordinate Measuring Machine Help

Has one of your biggest buyers recently changed their accuracy standards to a level your measuring instruments simply can’t achieve? Are you scaling production or improving your inspection rate to a degree that your current equipment can’t keep up?

As the manufacturing industry changes, more automation and a higher rate of inspection are quickly becoming key competitive factors. Buyers want higher inspection rates and higher quality components, and as manufacturers in other parts of the world ramp up their investment in robotics and inspection, it’s time to start playing catch up.

As a manufacturer, an independent metrology dealer should be the first place you look for a new or used coordinate measuring machine. Not only can they help you determine what brand and type of machine will fit your accuracy, repeatability, and tolerance requirements, they can also provide upgrades, retrofits, software, contract metrology services, and training solutions.

Based in Mississauga and serving shops across North America, one independent retailer that provides a full suite of metrology solutions is Canadian Measurement Metrology (CMM). In addition to a large inventory of new coordinate measuring machines, they also stock used coordinate measuring machines from all major metrology brands and they offer unique E-learning training programs. Whatever your metrology needs, you can stop by to find the answer.

Coordinate measuring machine

Metrology dealers are also great resources for information about maintaining your coordinate measuring machine, performing recalibrations, and installing upgrades that keep your machine up to date and running efficiently. Some tips for maintaining your coordinate measuring machine include:

Managing Air Supply

The air supply feeding your coordinate measuring machine must be clean, otherwise contaminants will get into the air bearings and rapidly shorten the lifespan of your coordinate measuring machine. One fifth of all coordinate measuring machine breakdowns can be attributed to problems with the air quality, according to CMM. This is the reason you need hard bearing coordinate measuring machines if you plan to inspect on the line.

Managing Electric Supply

Another common cause of breakdowns is the electric supply, particularly fluctuating currents. The controller on a coordinate measuring machine is much more sensitive to current fluctuation than a machine tool, but you can avoid these problems by investing in a power conditioner or a battery back up system.

Cleaning Probe Tips

It’s important that all dust and residue is removed from the styli tips of your probing system, otherwise the measurements will be affected and your data will be off. To remove residue, you can use a lint-free cloth with alcohol, or a new method that involves carbon dioxide “snow cleaning.” Ruby styli will also attract aluminum deposits, also known as adhesive wear, so you may want to consider using silicon nitride styli instead.

Ask your metrology dealer about maintaining your new or used coordinate measuring system. You can also call them for repairs if you can’t identify the problem. Don’t just buy a coordinate measuring machine, let your metrology dealer become your partner for all your inspection-related needs.

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